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Ducati Nilox Foolish Action Camera 98768248NL

Ducati Nilox Foolish Action Camera 98768248NL

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Ducati and Nilox have designed foolish; This is an action camera with a larger wide angle lens than normal and is intended for this Action category, so you can see your performance in FULL HD (1920px1080p), 

But that's not all: 

- FULL HD recording: up to 60 frame per second

- Excellent wide-angle lens: 175°

- Micro SD up to 64 GB

- Key for different videos and photos

- Laser pointer and digital zoom 4x - including an up to 60 meters waterproof cover.

- Incl. 2 components (1 and 1 for smooth surfaces for curved surfaces)

- Rear screen and wireless remote incl condition Foolish can wear or mount on the bike or helmet, thanks to countless accessories that are attached.

The kit includes: A charging cable set for new and to connect the camera to where you want, as well as a lens protector made of plastic.


Part Number 98768248NL

Bin - D4 

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