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Brembo Half Lever Clutch Kit 16RCS 110.A263.94

Brembo Half Lever Clutch Kit 16RCS 110.A263.94

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Replacement Folding lever section for Brembo 16 RCS
Brembo Logo is in correct orientation for Clutch Side (Left Handlebar) Application
Note: Does not include the Base lever section of Brembo 16 RCS lever
  • Short Folding section replacement lever & hardware mounting kit.
    • Kit includes new mounting hardware: Bolt, Nut and Retaining Clip.
  • NOTE: This kit does not replace the base lever to folding pivot. 
    • If your current lever is broken past the folding pivot point, a new lever is required.
  • NOTE: This lever is for RCS clutch master cylinder applications only.
    • Please contact us if you are looking for a replacement lever for the RCS Brake master cylinder application.
    • Note: This lever IS NOT compatible with the Brembo RCS Corsa Corta Master Cylinder

 Brembo Part Number - 110.A263.94

Bin - 55 I

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